Commercial Glazing

At Bootle Glass, we offer same day commercial glazing and deliver a professional, friendly first class service. To enable us to do this we only use the very best products. All of our glass is supplied by Pilkingtons Glass.

Commercial glazing has evolved massively over the past few years. It is now more thermally efficient and there is now a huge, delightful array of glazing styles available for today’s double glazed windows, doors and conservatories. So you can choose the glazing design that best suits your home.

Pilkingtons K Shield low emissive glass helps save you money by keeping the heat in using a special coating that reflects heat back into your home, thus reducing the heat loss through your glazing.

Our styles range from simple square and rectangular panelled glass for the modern contemporary look to leaded glass styles which are particularly popular for a period look and feel. We offer a wide variety of patterns to choose from:

Leaded Window Styles froim Bootle Glass

  • Elizabethan
  • Georgian
  • Georgian White Bar
  • Jacobean
  • Queen Caroline

You choose the style of the windows and if required we can add leaded accents to the glazing which can bring a unique look and feel to your home.

Flower accent rose accent Diamiond accent

For those places where privacy is called for, such as bathrooms, toilets and entrance doors, surface patterned (obscure) glass designs are available. It’s important to remember that there are different grades of obscurity to suit the levels of privacy you require. The grades range from 1, being the least obscure to 5, offering the most privacy.

Level 1 Warwick
Level 2 Chantilly Flemish Minster Sycamore
Level 3 Autumn Digital Taffeta
Level 4 Arctic Contora Florielle Oak Stippolyte Charcole Sticks
Level 5 Cotswold Pelerine Everglade

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Bootle glass can also provide specialist glazing like safety glass and bullet proof glass.

For domestic glazing please see our dedicated page here.

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