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If your home is single glazed or your double-glazing was installed prior to April 2002 then you could be losing more heat than is necessary, and therefore throwing money, literally out of the window. By switching to Energy Efficient Windows you can save energy and reduce your household bills by as much as £461* per year.

The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) has introduced a window energy rating system that is similar to domestic appliances. All products go through rigorous testing and must now display a rating grade A-G, A being the highest and G being the lowest. Only products classed C or above will be able to use the Energy Efficiency logo. The Government sponsored Energy Saving Trust has listed double glazing replacement windows as one of the top 10 ways to cut Carbon Dioxide emissions from our homes, in turn helping us protect the environment from continued global warming. The prevention of heat loss from your home will save you money from having to have your heating on as much or up as high.

The Facts about energy consumption

  • Households consume one third of all UK energy (mostly heating)
  • Half of all future energy savings must come from households
  • Buildings account for half of all energy use
  • More than half of all domestic energy is used to heat space

Did you know that if every home in the UK had energy efficient windows CO2 emissions could be reduced by 12.8 Million tonnes every year? This is equivalent to taking 840,000 cars off the road!

Window Energy Rating Label
This basic label lists the manufacturer, describes the product, includes the essential energy performance data and provides a source for additional information. Each rating label is specific to a manufacturer and is non-transferable. For more details visit the BFRC website

The Home Information Pack (or HIP) is now compulsory for most homes on the market in England and Wales, which demonstrate the carbon emission levels of a home. Bootle Glass Window suppliers have for many years been at the forefront of energy efficiency for windows. They have been exceeding Document L requirements since its inception and today still strive to push the standard of our products to greater efficiency levels. All Windows installed by Bootle Glass:

Energy rating label
  • Reduce heat loss by 94%.
  • Reduce condensation by up to 70%.
  • Reduce noise by to up 2dB.
  • They are 950 times less conductive and they are also warmer at the edge with temperatures up by 65%.

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