Adding a conservatory will enhance the character and should increase the value of your home, so it pays to take the time to make the right decision. Some large conservatories require planning permission and others must comply with the new building regulations. When you buy a conservatory from Bootle Glass we take away the worry of this as we can take care of it all for you.

This leaves you free to make the really important decisions such as:

The Style – that would suit your home and lifestyle best.

Edwardian Style Conservatory

The Edwardian

The Victorian Combination

The Victorian Combination

The Victorian conservatory

The Victorian

The Sunlounge conservatory

The Sunlounge

The Regency Style Conservatory

The Regency

The Windows and Doors – The design of your windows and doors will define not only how your conservatory
appears but also how you will utilise the room. Making your conservatory unique and to fulfil your needs will include
making choices on:

  • Glazing heights – Fully glazed or dwarf wall style,
  • Windows & Ventilation – standard opening windows or tilt and turn
  • Colour – Interior and exterior colours
  • Doors – Traditional French Doors, Patio doors or single door

Conservatory Colours

The Roof – Glass or Polycarbonate; Roof vents for added ventilation
(in additional to traditional windows).

Roof Vent

Feature Glazing – You could even personalise your conservatory with feature glazing.

Thus making your conservatory truly unique to you!

There are many types of glazing to choose from ranging from plain glass, stained glass, Leaded effects and inset shapes, through to full colour panels.

Window Feature Window feature Window Feature

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